What We’re Doing at KINETIC
To Help Keep You Safe

At Kinetic, we are dedicated to making the health and safety of our member community a priority. By following recommended guidelines and dedicated planning, we plan to safely open club programming. 

We are excited to get started with the following approach:
  • 1) Temperature checks: As a precaution, members will have their temperature checked before entering the club.
  • 2) Symptom Precaution: Club members will need to disclose any symptoms they may be experiencing and cancel their activities if they are experiencing any signs of feeling sick. If you experience any signs or symptoms of COVID19, you will not be permitted to enter the club or participate in programming.
  • 3) Masks: Masks will be mandatory at all times, and during all programming at the club. Any member who does not comply with this policy will not be permitted to participate in any activity at the club and will be asked to leave.
  • 4) Booking: In order to ensure the safest capacity levels and prepare a clean club environment, we are not accepting walk-ins and drop-ins at this time. Pre-booking is mandatory until otherwise specified.
  • 5) Capacity: Across all clinics and programming we are following a socially-distant protocol with a maximum capacity of four (4) players.
  • 6) Check In: To avoid congregating in large groups, please arrive 15 minutes early for your session.
  • 7) Social Distancing: As much as it saddens us to not high-five after a great rally and shake hands for your efforts, we are making social distancing a priority in order to provide safe programming for our community. Any member not following these guidelines will not be permitted at the club.
  • 8) Disinfection: We will provide sanitizers and disinfectants, encouraged for member use. 
  • 9) Deep Cleaning: Using hospital-grade (Ecolab) sanitation products, our team will be working to ensure all areas of the club are clean and safe.
  • 10) Lockers and Showers: Showers, toilets, and sinks are available for use and are cleaned and sanitized regularly. Towels will not be provided.

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